In 1989, Marcel’s began the first frozen yoghurt store in Stellenbosch city in South Africa. With this phenomenal concept, Marcel’s introduced new splendid tastes of the yoghurt to the craving markets for unique sensations.
Taking a short time, Marcel’s products became the favorite specialty in South Africa, which urged opening new branches to keep up with the growing demand. This step took Marcel’s name to a leading success, so it ranked at the top of delicious frozen yoghurt producers.


To procure the ultimate growth of our sumptuous products, continue to offer rich products and make a widespread expansion. To bring a delicious frozen yoghurt from a leading brand name, with a firm commitment to satisfying our customers


In 2005 Marcel’s embarked on a journey to create frozen yoghurt that was not only delicious, but “Good for Life” too, with our frozen yoghurt range infused with probiotics, enabling our customers to enjoy their favourite treat with a healthy benefit! Today, the Good for Life journey continues, with the fat content of Marcel’s frozen yoghurt being reduced from 5% to 2.4%, creating a delectable, low fat product made with natural fruit syrups and flavourings that is as good for you as it tastes.

  • lightness
  • fluffiness
  • natural
  • flavours


To promote the finest quality and taste of our healthy frozen yoghurt products, and to make buying enjoyable and trusted by all our customers, through our happiness flavor, added to their lives. To upgrade our staff performance and promote their sense of belonging to ensure the quality of our service. We seek to achieve our mission through our keenness to develop our frozen yoghurt products and promote our services.